Registration Guidance

Registering with Volunteer Centre Lambeth and signing up to the Volunteer Management Charter

Thank you for your interest in working with Volunteer Centre Lambeth. As part of our registration process, we ask you to also sign up to our Volunteer Management Charter. This document provides you with a clear outline of how registration works, what the Charter is about and what services Volunteer Centre Lambeth will provide you with.

What is Volunteer Centre Lambeth?
Volunteer Centre Lambeth is a project of Lambeth Voluntary Action Council (LVAC); the local development agency for the borough. We link people who want to volunteer with organisations needing volunteer help, as well as offering a number of different services to volunteers, organisations, and businesses. By promoting your volunteering opportunities through us, you can reach between 400 and 600 individuals contacting us each month about volunteering.  We promote volunteering opportunities through the national volunteering website, our own website and e-bulletin. We also have drop-in sessions with potential volunteers at our offices and attend local events across Lambeth promoting volunteering to diverse groups.

How can you promote volunteering opportunities through us?
Firstly, you will have to register with us. This is a free service and simply involves you completing a few short forms:
•    An Organisation registration form which includes agreeing to work towards our Volunteer Management Charter;
•    An Opportunity registration form for each volunteering opportunity you would like to promote through us.

You can either register by emailing

or call 0207 326 5488 to receive your registration pack in the post.

What happens once you have registered?
Once we have received your registration, we will be in touch with you to let you know that your registration is complete or to clarify some of the information you have provided. Within a week your volunteering opportunity will be on our database and, if you have requested, on the national volunteering website When a potential volunteer contacts us, who has an interest in your volunteering opportunity, we will provide them with your contact details and encourage them to get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Will Volunteer Centre Lambeth vet or screen volunteers?
The simple answer is no. We will not CRB check volunteers or take up references. Even though we aim to support volunteers in selecting volunteering opportunities that match their skills and interests, we do not vet or screen volunteers in any way. It is therefore important that you have your own vetting procedures in place. There is no obligation to take on any volunteers who come to you through us. It is up to you to choose whom you would like to volunteer with you and for them to go through your own recruitment and induction process. However, we can offer support to organisations on how to screen potential volunteers.

How to complete the registration forms?
Please ensure that you have completed all sections on the form. Any incomplete information will delay your registration.

Organisation Registration

Section 1: Contact details and purpose and activities
Please provide us with your contact details and a brief description about your purpose and activities. It is best to avoid one sentence answers as potential volunteers will want to know some details about your organisation. If your organisation is already registered with us, you don’t need to complete this part again.

Section 2: Good Practice in Volunteer Management
The points listed under this section represent our Volunteer Management Charter, which was developed as a quality mark of good practice in volunteer management.

Please read this section carefully and indicate if you agree with and will work within/ towards these standards when involving volunteers. You will also be offered the opportunity to complete a health check with Volunteer Centre Lambeth which will enable you to identify areas of excellence and improvement (unless previously completed). We recognise you may not meet all the standards at this point in time, this will not prevent you from registering with us. However, we would like to ensure that all volunteering opportunities we promote are well managed and offer a good experience to the organisation and the volunteer.

We also offer a range of services including 1:1 support, training and resources to our organisations, which can support you in achieving or improving on some of these standards. Once you are registered, you will receive further information about our services and health check, which you can use to identify areas of excellence and improvement.

Opportunity Registration

1. Organisation and Opportunity Details: Please ensure the contact details in this section are correct and they should lead a potential volunteer directly to the person responsible for volunteers. When choosing a name for your volunteer role please keep it simple and ensure it gives a clear indication of the nature of the role. Volunteers will often be looking through a number of opportunities so you need to ensure yours catches their attention.

2. Contact details for role: Please ensure the contact details in this section are correct and they should lead a potential volunteer directly to the person responsible for volunteers.

3. When are volunteers required? Let us know what days/times volunteers are needed. If you are looking for volunteers for a set period of time only (e.g. an event), please clearly state the start and end dates.

4. Descriptions of opportunity: This is your chance to sell the role to a potential volunteer. The short description is a minimum of 75 characters and not more than 250 characters and will be displayed in the search results when an individual searches on When they click on the role they will see the longer version. The short description should be concise and interesting enough to entice the volunteer in. In the longer version give a brief outline of what a volunteer would be expected to do, what they can gain from it and what type of commitment you are looking for. Also make it clear what level of support you provide and whether volunteering takes place on an individual basis, as part of team, or whether volunteers are expected to lead on certain activities, for example running a workshop.

5. Skills/qualifications required for the role: Please let your potential volunteer know which skills and qualities you are looking for. It pays to be realistic about the level of support and training you can offer a volunteer but equally don’t expect potential volunteers to be experts already.

6. Directions: Please provide us with all train stations and bus routes close to your organisation as well as any specific directions.

7. Volunteers with additional needs: Please clarify whether you are able to work with volunteers who might need some extra support.

8. Recruitment method: Please tick the procedures which apply to that particular role.

9. Other: Please consider this section carefully. It will help potential volunteers make informed decisions on whether this role is suitable.

10. Declaration: Please sign to acknowledge that the information you have given is correct and that you are happy for us to advertise your role. If you are completing the form on the computer please send it back via email with your name in the declaration box and also stating in the email that you would like us to advertise the role for you.

If you have any questions about completing these forms or would like any further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact our Good Practice Development Manager on 0207 326 5488 or email .


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